Provider of Talent Acquisition Software that manages employee referrals, internal mobility and optimized apply.

RolePoint optimizes your referral network with a powerful set of tools that help you build, manage and engage the talent that surrounds your organization. A series of algorithms optimizes every aspect of your referral network to maximize engagement and make your referrals process smarter over time. ​Contact us today to find out how you can maximize employee engagement and increase referrals for your organization!

​Provider of payroll services, talent management, human resources management, time and attendance, and benefits administration.

ADP’s HCM services can streamline your HCM with an all-in-one solution delivered by a reliable partner. Enhance your ability to comply with Health Care Reform requirements. Help reduce administrative burdens and human resources management overhead through automation and outsourcing. Connect your workforce goals to your corporate goals with a customized plan of action. Provide a solution that adapts to whatever technology platform you’re currently using. Help meet the complexity, confusion and compliance challenges associated with the Affordable Care Act with an effective Health Care Reform Management strategy. Contact us today to discuss using ADP for your organization!

Provider of a cloud and mobile application that streamlines, simplifies and unifies the end-to-end process of talent acquisition, development and retention.

It covers recruitment, onboarding, performance, training, reviews, development, compensation & benefits as well as provides a social platform for managing employee relations. Built on a Salesforce Platform, Skilo provides a ready-to-use talent management and HR process management system which can be up and running in no time and will only take a couple of weeks to bring real added value to your business. ​Contact us today to discuss using Skilo for your organization!

Provider of a cloud based full system suite that manages, Core HR, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Talent Management, Recruitment, Planning and Analytics.

Ramco HCM has a variety of talent management capabilities such as recruitment and on-boarding, training, performance management, e-learning and payroll. It can be deployed on a multi-tenant cloud or offered as a managed service. It can be deployed process by process or draw from the benefits of its integrated flow and subscribe to it fully. It is also capable of seamless integration, not only with other legacy applications, but also with 3rd party social media, accounting, and jamming platforms. Contact us today to find out how Ramco HCM​ can be the right fit for your organization!

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Provider of a SaaS based learning & engagement platform. Available across mobile or web and used by multiple large companies. 

Qustn's Saas based learning & engagement platform allows companies to setup & deliver any type of training to its remote user base (employees / external partners). The platform allows the companies to also track and engage its users to ensure a better outcome of the training delivered. One could potentially roll out a complete training and assessment program for 50,000 people in a span of just 30 mins, and then be able to ensure that they complete the training within a stipulated time. Contact us today to set up a demo!

Provider of a cloud based system that incorporates HR Management, Payroll, Benefits, Performance Management & Time and Attendance.

Benetech’s cloud-based Human Resources Edition is a centralized solution for managing employee and company human resource information. The integrated central administrative database eliminates the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of managing data in multiple places throughout your organization. Customized workflows add efficiencies while reducing administrative labor costs; supervisor and employee self-service further increases efficiencies and cost-saving advantages. Contact us today to discuss this HR System Solution for your organization!

Provider of a cloud based HR system called Vibe HCM.

Vibe HCM transforms HR Service delivery by providing a personalized, interactive HRMS, Talent Mgmt and Social Collaboration suite for your global workforce. Vibe HCM is your one stop shop for HR Systems. It manages Payroll, Onboarding, Benefits, Talent Management, Organizational Management, Employee Engagement, Compensation, and Metrics. Contact us today to discuss this HR System Solution for your organization!

Hr Data And System Solutions Software Partners

Provider of Employee Engagement Software & Recognition Apps

CrewHu provides employee engagement software & recognition apps. 90% of leaders believe in employee recognition but only 25% have a strategy. CrewHu's software will help you build that strategy and engage your employees. It's time to reward your employees for a job well done. Contact us today to set up a demo!

Provider of the most sophisticated video recruitment tool on the market.
RecRight is a video interview and applicant tracking tool in which you can handle the whole recruiting process from posting job ads to picking the right person to work with you.     If you currently have an ATS, you can also just integrate the video interview tool to be a seamless part of your recruitment process.

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HR Data and System Solutions

Human Resources Consulting


Provider of FocalReview the Advanced Compensation Planning and Performance Management Suite.

​FocalReview can manage your salary, bonus, and stock plans on different timetables for different employee populations – in multiple currencies and languages. Your HR teams can budget, recommend, analyze, and approve changes in all forms and phases of compensation, even if multiple management organizations are responsible for input and review – all on-premise or securely in the cloud. Contact us today to implement FocalReview for your organization!